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A brief introduction...

If you've somehow managed to get this far down the page without spotting who I am and what I do, let me introduce myself. My name is Calum Morrell and I am a creative and social photographer. The social part of that means I photograph weddings, take portraits and generally work with people in my project work as well. The creative part is open to your own judgement, but essentially it means I use photography as a tool to express the way I view the world, even if that's not always clear from the work I produce.

The box to the right gives you fairly loose information on where I am and the general area I cover, although please be aware that this is absolutely not fixed and I will discuss any request for my services that involves more extensive travel.

Please enjoy browsing my website as there are plenty of photographs in many different styles to view, so even if you have no interest in using my services, I hope you will be able to gain some enjoyment from your time spent here.


Where I am

I live in Kirkintilloch, a town approximately 10 miles North East of Glasgow.

The area I cover can be very loosely defined as the Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling triangle although I have worked outside of this area on request many times.

Please do not hesitate to contact me using any of the information found on the Contact Calum form and you can find out more about my background by reading the About Calum page.